Ras Al Khaimah New Year’s Eve fireworks show inspires the world with the message of hope and achievement

30 December, 2020

  • Dazzling 10-minute show, accompanied by inspiring music, was telecast live and via social media channels to reached millions of viewers around the worlds.
  • Show featured 8,500 kg of fireworks lighting up the Arabian Sea over a length of 4 km and width of 3.9 km
  • UAE residents and tourists watch the spectacle from the safety of hotels in Al Marjan Island and Al Hamra Village following all social distancing protocols
  • Show reiterates Ras Al Khaimah’s position as the GCC Capital of Tourism in 2021

The Ras Al Khaimah New Year’s Eve Celebrations dazzled the world with a 10-minute fireworks show that underlined the UAE’s message of hope, peace and achievements, as the world welcomed 2021 with optimism and renewed confidence.

Lighting up the sky over the Arabian Sea, the fireworks spectacle was organised by following all safety protocols. While guests, including UAE residents and tourists, at hotels in Al Marjan Island and Hamra watched the show on-ground, the event was also broadcast live on television channels globally and via social media channels, reaching an estimated millions of viewers around the worlds. People can catch up on the exciting show on rasalkhaimahnye.com and raknye.com

As the New Year dawns with a more positive outlook following the COVID-19 vaccines, the celebration at Ras Al Khaimah was carefully curated. In addition to paying tribute to the thousands who were impacted by the pandemic, the event aimed to underline the need for humanity to stand together and march ahead with confidence.

Abdulla Al Abdouli member of the Organising Committee of the event, said: “The Ras Al Khaimah New Year’s Eve Celebration is indeed a tribute to the resilience and strength of humanity. We are sending a message of positivity to the world from here in Ras Al Khaimah, urging people to move forward with confidence after what was an unprecedented year. As we move into 2021 with Ras Al Khaimah chosen as the GCC Capital of Tourism, we aim to inspire people to visit the emirate and explore its wonders in full safety.

“The theme of hope and achievement that the show put forward reflected Ras Al Khaimah and the UAE’s continued efforts to address the challenges boldly and to inspire confidence that through concerted efforts, the world can overcome any crisis and emerge stronger. We conducted the entire show following all safety protocols, which has been our top-most priority.”

An inspiring show like no other

The Ras Al Khaimah New Year’s Eve Fireworks show was indeed like no other with its location in the picturesque setting of the Arabian Sea, framed against the landmarks of Ras Al Khaimah’s natural landscape, the architectural edifices of Al Marjan Island and Al Hamra Village.

With 8,500 kg of fireworks used, the display spanned a length of 4 km and width of 3.9 km, creating one of the brightest spots on earth. The festive panorama of colours was achieved from 81 launch pontoons that shot up 15,281 firework shells. The show took 20 days of offshore and onshore preparation with 30 technicians. More than 3 km of optical fibre was laid in addition to 6 km of control cables.

Inspiring music sets the stage

The 10-minute show was made all the more captivating with musical themes that started with the rhythmic rendition of ‘Reaching for the Horizon,’ a special set-piece. The fireworks created a burst of red flares and golden meteor showers and culminated with the visual creation of an oasis of lights.

The next act was sober, a tribute to mankind for their resilience in the past year. It featured a golden rain with golden dunes and oases, illuminating the whole bay in bright pink and creating breathtaking waterfalls. The tune set was aptly titled ‘Fading Memories.’

Highlighting the achievements of UAE and Ras Al Khaimah, the next act was set to the melody of ‘The Impossible’ wherein waterfalls of gold and green enveloped the area creating 3D effects of moving fish. The colours became intense as it moved to the next act set to compelling violin notes as the sky lit up in white flashes and swirl effects, all created with fireworks.

The next act was in bright blue, as light effects created a continuous movement, before moving to the next act set to the music of Argonaut, as white light snakes twirled around the sky, before turning green. It reflected, as the name indicates, the journey of an adventurer.

A mesmerising dawn of the New Year

The final act before the countdown was set to the music named ‘Meraki,’ a word from Greek used to denote soul, creativity and love, reiterating the message of putting oneself fully into any act – much like how the brave frontline warriors and the architects of the nation did. This was an inspiring display highlighted by red and white colours, its rhythmic pace accelerating, as more colours were added with crackling effects and hanging white hues. And, with the countdown setting in, a great thunder and breathtaking display of colours followed to usher in the New Year.

#RAKNYE2021 was without public activities or viewing areas to ensure the safety of the public. Only hotel guests, residents, ticket holders and diners had access to viewing areas at the hotels. The Organising Committee took all precautionary measures through continuous coordination with the National Authority for Emergency, Crisis and Disaster Management and the Ministry of Health and Prevention.

Ras Al Khaimah had set history with the New Year’s Eve Gala of 2020, which won the GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ titles for the ‘Most Unmanned Aerial Vehicles for Launching Fireworks Simultaneously’ and the ‘Longest Fireworks Waterfall’ in the presence of Official Adjudicators from GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™. These take the total number of GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ titles set for fireworks hosted by Ras Al Khaimah to five in just three years.

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